FAWN LAKE Homeowners Association



November 2nd, the 2013 General Meeting was held at the Upper Tampa Bay Library for election of the 2014 Board of Directors.   Incumbents Mindy Arroyo, John Duda and Greg Smith were re-elected along with first time Board members Shawn Simon and Christine Murray.  

Pool Keys

We are aware that with the age of the pool lock, some keys may have issues opening the pool gate.  If you find your key no longer works, please email the board of directors and we will get a replacement key to you.

Violation Fees

Effective July1st, there will be a $15.00 administration fee levied for sending a second violati
on notice regarding the same infraction to residents.  Please simply take care of the issue or email the board of directors to indicate your plans and timetable to rectify these issues.   Refer to the Violation and Procedures Policy Document for further details.


While not all external modifications require architectural approval, the architectural committee and board would appreciate submissions for all external alterations.   If it is deemed that these alterations do not require submission of an application, the fees will be waived.   Please not the Architectural committee meets the second Thursday of every month.  Applications submitted before this time will be reviewed and processed before the end of the month.   Applications submitted after this date will be processed for the following month.


Effective August 1st, there will be a fee increase for Architectural Change requests from $10.00 to $15.00.   There will also be a $30.00 administrative fee imposed against home owners who commence work or painting without first applying for Architectural Committee approval.


A new Website specifically designed for homeowner associations is available through the Rampart Properties website.   This website is secure and requires residents to register and create a password to login.   Once setup you can securely view your own property and account information as well as make assessment payments through a credit card.   You will also have access to forms, reports and other confidential HOA documents.    Please follow this link to check out the website.
  FawnLake Association Web Portal.   For a Tutorial on how to access and use the Association Web Portal, Click Here.


Please check the calendar for event updates and changes

*NEW* Annual Assessment Collection Procedures  -  Understand the process and fees which applied during the process to collect outstanding monies owed by homeowners.  Check "ASSOCIATION DOCUMENTS" section.