Deed restrictions prohibit the parking of trailers, commercial vehicles (masking of corporate logos & writing excepted), rv's, boats, or vehicles other than cars, vans & pickup trucks in any driveway or property unless fully enclosed within the garage.   vehicles without current registration tags cannot be parked on any community driveways, roadways or common areas.

Parking is prohibited on the grass, county right of way or common areas.    Street parking is governed by Hillsborough County Parking regulations.   These regulations make it illegal to block sidewalks or park facing the opposite direction to the flow of traffic or to impede emergency vehicle traffic.

Parking violations are subject to ticketing by the county, towing or violation action by the association.

Motorized scooters & other vehicles

Hillsborough county ordinances make it illegal for a minor or unlicensed individual to operate a motor scooter, moped or motorized skateboard on community roadways and sidewalks.  click here for more information.


Hillsborough county ordinances require all pet owners to cleanup their pet feces.   First offenses are punishable by up to $100.00 fines.


Hillsborough county ordinances make it illegal to fish in freshwater areas without a fishing license.  motorized boats are not allowed on any lake and trespassing on private property to reach the lake is prohibited.

Tree removal

Removal of trees is governed by the county.  you will be required to obtain a permit from the county in order to remove certain types of trees from your property.   contact the county at

Basketball Hoops

As per governing documents, the erection of permanent or temporary basketball hoops is prohibited.   the association must act accordingly, however, should temporary hoops be removed and stowed out of sight after use, there may not be any violation to review.
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